Coal Tonnage Calculator Online from Area, Thickness and Specific Gravity (Estimating Coal Tonnage)

You can calculate the "total coal tonnage in a property" using the online calculator included in this page. The equations used for the calculation of coal tonnage are explained in details. This calculator report "IN PLACE COAL TONS" without applying any mining recovery factor or plant loss. This online coal tonnage calculator also gives you the "in-place coal tons per acre foot" values from the specific gravity of the coal seam. For bituminous coal 1800 tons per acre-ft is commonly used. However, if you have laboratory data for the specific gravity of the coal seam, you can derive a better number for the coal tonnage per acre-feet.

Required Parameters that you must know:
1. Equation for the determination of Tons per acre-foot is as below:
Coal tons per acre feet= (62.4 lbs/cubic feet x 43,560 ft3 natural resource/acre x Specific Gravity)/2000 lbs/ton

2. Equation for the determination of Coal Tons is as below:
Coal tons = Acres * Coal thickness* (coal tons per acre feet)

Conversion factors:
Input the required parameters:
Area in acres:                           Note: If you have area in square feet, divide it by 43,560 to convert into acres (1 acre = 43,560 square feet)
Thickness of coal seam in feet: Note: If you have thickness in meters, multiply by 3.2808 to convert into feet (1 m = 3.2808 feet)
Specific Gravity of coal seam   unitless, enter average value from lab data.
Because specific gravity varies with rank, different ranks of coal have different conversion factors.
Similar calculations for other mined minerals yield the following results:
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